Bob Roberts: The Beauty in Hardships

Bob Roberts: "One of the gentlest verbal spankings that I can remember. I rode single from about 2:30 am to about 4:00 am today. Johnny gave up his chance to ride because we had no one fresh enough to drive so he took control of the lead vehicle. Previously, Google Maps took us 5 miles down a Farm to Market road that turned into a private gravel and sagebrush pothole collection. A u-turn took us back to our starting point and we rode. Today however, I am a single and bound and determined by our motto: "We can Do This!" The ride starts out fine. I have on multiple layers plus a balaklava head covering for warmth along with insulated winter gloves. The ride is supposed to be 28 miles, no big deal. The truck traffic is horrendous, high speed, and dangerous. Outside Carlsbad, NM, visibility breaks down; sight lines are minimal; fog sets in..peasoup. We are at about 25 miles and I find myself praying that we will continue so that I can finish this stretch. Did you notice the word "I" ? Did you notice that I was thinking only of myself? When the fog was so bad that Johnny could hardly see the other side of his windshield, the truck stopped. Jennifer popped out and came toward me. In the dark I do not think she saw my tears. I could not get off my bike. I had failed. I did not finish. I was bitter and disconsolate. She put her arms around me, hugged me and said, " You did great. It is too dangerous out here. You need to get in the truck so that we can protect you." The "I" part of this ceased at that moment and the "we" part of "We Can Do This" started again. That my friends is our Jennifer."