Crazy S.O.G: Bob Roberts on Support Rider Jorge Toledo

After 10 days on the road together, Bob Roberts, one of our support riders, found the perfect words to depict teammate and former marine, Jorge Toledo. 

Bob Roberts:

Crazy S.O.G. - Body Functions. It is right now very early in the morning so perhaps this is a good time to deal with unpleasantness. The photo attached is a selfie taken with my camera by a man who was asked nicely to take a picture of me. This man is Jorge Toledo. He does not represent unpleasantness, that will come later. He is from California and joined us in Oceanside. He is medically retired from the Marines. He is a husband and a father. He served in Iraq and survived a helicopter crash. He served in Afghanistan and survived a 250 foot helicopter drop-crash because they were hit by enemy fire. Not everyone did survive. He told me he remembers the helicopter rotor still turning and coming at him and he was sure he was going to be killed. Jorge was fortunate if you think sustaining an extensive number of life-threatening injuries and untold how many surgeries, and going through seemingly endless rehabilitation is fortunate. Of course it is fortunate. You would never guess how much this man has been through. Jorge is an incredible man, an incredible survivor. He is the resident animal. He is blessed with abundant energy, desire to win, and will to succeed. He eats everything in sight including large double cheeseburgers, ice cream Sundays, and everything else not banned by the Food and Drug Administration. Yet, he probably has a Body Mass Index (BMI) below a half per cent. Thunder thighs, huge hamstrings, colossal calfs, hair in the southern hemisphere yet follically-challenged above the equator. So, a curious question arises in mixed company. If he eats with such relish, why does he not show it? It is because he is working out extensively including serious bike riding. This is a family channel so I will use descriptive words but not too descriptive. We burn it up. We use food as fuel, and we burn it up. We get the urge just like you but when training and riding hard, there is nothing for us to deposit! Liquids yes, we can leave something behind. Solids, not so much. For our hand cyclists, this is another challenge because just getting out of their hand cycles and then back in afterwards is a chore. But we all get through it. We all finish up with our regular regular, and we all go back to riding. Tomorrow brings another day. Jorge will enjoy this delicate explanation because he is such a sensitive guy.