The Last 70 Miles: Pedaling All The Way

After riding 180 miles the the Cycle to the Sea's annual ride from Charlotte, NC to North Myrtle Beach, today we embark on our last 70 miles to Camp Lejeune where we will have a reception with the Semper Fi Fund. In a cross-country ride like Sea to Shining Sea, one can't help but grow both physically and mentally. That growth is exponential for a teenager like Jason Rogers. Jim Rogers has been lucky enough to as a parent to witness this change every pedal of the ride.

Jim Rogers- 

"So the last three days have emerged as the time Jason became a cyclist. Now Jason has been riding a bike for some time, and in the past when we ride together he pedals some of the time and the balance of the time I am pulling him. This last three days he just pedaled all the time. It's quite invigorating and inspiring to others when we can consistently stay at an 18-21 mph clip and he says: "Dad I could do this all day." He absolutely got it this week: we ride to have fun, yes; but we ride so that others who may not think they can ride, have the chance. I am so proud that he understands this and puts not only his heart into it but his physical effort as well. Tomorrow we leave at 6:00 am for the last leg on the Sea to Shining Sea ride from San Diego to Camp Lejeune. After cycling over 53 miles each day I asked if he had 70 more in him tomorrow. He replied: "Of course dad, we have to finish with these guys."