3,113 Miles: Mission Accomplished!

On April 10th we left San Diego with the goal of riding across the United States to raise funds and awareness for adaptive sports for wounded veterans. We knew this would be a trying experience of growth, camaraderie, and bravery, but projections never prepare you for such a surreal journey as this one. Each teammate brought his/her own energy, humor, fear, fragility, and vigor. We accepted each other faults and strengths alike and worked together towards one common goal. 

 "In some ways, I'm sorry it ended because I think life should more often be a group of people working hard together to accomplish something, knowing that others will benefit," Jim Rogers explained. After appropriate celebration for a mission accomplished, we will all return to our respective homes, but we will return a changed people, working towards the common goal of making a difference. The ride is over, but the wheels keep turning!