Adapt & Conquer: Robbie Parks



(reading time approx. 40 seconds)

When I first met Robbie, we shared a meal the day before our two week journey across the country was set to begin and he explained to me that his biggest concern was getting "hot." Naturally, I took this to mean in temperament at which point the producer in me was a little excited at the drama this may cause. As he continued on, he revealed to me that due to his injury, his body was unable to cool itself down. He literally would overheat. During the course of these long rides, he needed to continually cool himself down by pouring water on his head. 

Robbie's list of traits and achievements go way beyond being a powerhouse hand-cyclist, but to me, his defining characteristic is being a teacher. His soft spoken manner invites people in to listen to his lessons and learn from his experience. His strong stature commands respect and admiration. He is someone I admire. He is a hero. 

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