We are storytellers. From short format digital projects to feature length documentaries, we work with networks, agencies, brands, and corporations to create original content for cross-platform distribution. We effectively eliminate the high costs associated with production through our internal team's hands-on approach and our extensive network of well seasoned industry professionals thoughtfully selected per project needs. 

Creative Development 3.png

We work closely with our clients to conceptualize ideas and bring stories to life. From script writing to story-boarding, we ensure that the concepts we’re creating will      not only represent the brand properly, but also connect with their intended audience. 

Pre Production 2.png

Once the concept is locked, it’s time to plan. Our pre-production services include crew build outs, casting, wardrobe, location selection, prop acquisition, permitting, equipment, lighting and grip. Whatever you need to capture the shot, we can make it happen.


From large crew multi-camera shoots to run and gun style unscripted reality, our crews have experience on set, in the studio, or on the streets in locations around the world.  

Post Production 2.png

In our dedicated post-production facility we are fluent in Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer & Final Cut Pro X. We offer comprehensive editorial solutions for everything from long format documentaries to quick sizzle reel edits. Our state of the art facility offers motion graphics animation, sound mixing, color grading as well as digital compression and file delivery.