Paralympic World Cup with Now This Sports and Toyota

It was an exciting start to the year for Axios Productions as January was spent traveling overseas shooting and editing short documentaries on the Paralympic Games and the athletes competing all while covering the World Cup in Veysonnaz, Switzerland and Tignes, France. Now This Sports distributed the content which was sponsored by Toyota Global pulling in over 20 million aggregate views which was a huge success for everyone involved. Partnering with the largest video news outlet on social media, Now This News, not only provided us with the ability to raise an incredible amount of awareness for the Paralympics and these impressive athletes, but also the opportunity to build a relationship and collaborate with a company that is committed to social change and making the world a better place. We grateful for the opportunity and look forward to working with the entire Now This team in the near future.

From a production standpoint, shooting overseas can be complicated and confusing which is what makes pre-production so crucial on a project like this. With the right amount of planning and forecasting, field complications are minimized and proper focus can be spent on trouble shooting the inevitable snags that will present themselves along the way. For this project, we chose to travel a small crew from NYC including Director Jon Johnnidis, Supervising Producer Matt Wilson and Director of Photography Nick Neofitidis. Our essential equipment traveled with us including our cameras (we chose Canon C200 for this project due to it's compact mobility and range of frame rates) and our cinema prime lens kit. All other equipment including lights, grip and additional crew members were sourced in Switzerland from two great local companies (reach out if you need their info)!  

The work flow was pretty straight forward, each day we shoot a variety of content including interviews, mountain footage, broll, and supplemental coverage, then we immediately transfer, organize and upload the footage to be sent back to our edit in NYC, manned by Mark Johnnidis, so we could essentially cut the pieces in two locations around the clock. We shot, edited and delivered a total of 5 pieces from the road in under two weeks.

Tonight, March 9th, is the beginning of the Paralympic Games being broadcast on NBCSN  or streaming live online. We had the incredible privilege of spending two weeks with these athletes watching them compete to secure their spot in the games, so tonight we couldn't be more excited to watch as they compete for the podium. Keep an eye out for our friends Andrew Kurka, Arly Velasquez, Stephanie Jallen, Claudia Loesch, Danelle and Rob Umstead and Menna and Jen as they show the world what it means to be a Paralympic Athlete representing their country!  

Andrew Kurk, MonoSkier, Team USA

Visually Impaired Skiers

Claudia Loesch, MonoSkier, Team Austria

Stephanie Jallen, Alpine Skier, Team USA

Arly Velasquez, MonoSkier, Team Mexico