Mom's Night Out - Digital Episodic Series

Mom's Night Out is the pilot for an episodic series Axios Productions was hired to produced that celebrates the good, bad and the ugly of being a mom. Each episode, our host/decorated Olympian/reporter/and mom of two, Summer Sanders, brings together a group of friends to talk about the realities of being a mom today, normalize the craziness of life, and bring people together by highlighting the fact that you are not alone on this crazy journey of motherhood! It's a lighthearted and hilarious show complete with personal (and at times cringe-worthy) stories that will make you laugh, keep you entertained, and maybe come to terms with the fact that Bad Mom Life isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

The Axios team worked closely with STX entertainment and video agency Cake Works, on every aspect of the production process including concept development, casting, location scouting, production and full post-production. A big thanks to our crew of over 15 members who helped pull off a flawless production day and our entire cast of moms...Julie Kottakis, Katie Cariello, and Michelle Park, who kept us entertained thoroughly throughout. It's always a rewarding experience when a production comes together and we're all looking forward to telling more stories of parenting success and failure on future episodes! 

Click the link to watch the Mom's Night Out pilot and if you like it and want to see more, help spread the word by sharing the video with your friends!