Barcelona Wine Bar Chef's Retreat Marketing Video

File Sep 08, 7 50 36 PM.jpeg

In early September, the rapidly growing restaurant group Barteca hired Axios Productions to produce content around their annual chef's retreat in Montauk, NY for their Barcelona Wine Bar establishments. Lead by James Beard award winning chef and Barcelona Wine Bar Culinary Director Chef Christopher Lee, it was an eventful few days with late dinners, early mornings at the docks for striped bass fishing, team building sessions, and tons of feasting on some of the most inventive and delicious dishes the minds of 14 executive chefs could create! Production was fast and furious shooting documentary style in multiple locations including outdoor "round table" discussions, sit down interviews, active kitchens, and on three, 35 foot boats during one of the most successful striped bass fishing expeditions any of the teams had ever been on.

The task from a production standpoint was to capture enough footage to put together a comprehensive recruitment tool for Barcelona Wine Bar management to use for new hires and general marketing purposes. With such a wide variety of locations and events to cover, we needed to be very run and gun with our equipment list. We shot on the Sony A7Sii and Canon 5DMiii cameras, flew the DJI Phantom 3 drone, used a 3 foot slider to bring the round tables to life a bit, and had multiple GoPro Hero 5 cameras mounted throughout the boats for fishing.

We ended up cutting two pieces; one was designed for social use and promotion, and the other a longer form version that gives a more comprehensive look into the retreat as a whole. Below is the social version making it's way around the web now!